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Pole dancers performing during the troupes and groups showcase.

What makes you stay a student at a pole dance studio?

In our last blog we talked about what to look for in a pole student as a new student. Link
Now that you’ve decided to try a studio—What makes you stay there?

The following 3 things can be hard to feel in one class or one experience and you may need a few trips to really appreciate all of them. These can “make or break” whether or not you’re going to be a student there for a long time or if you choose to find a new “home base.”

1. Are there different opportunities to grow as a poler

These might include such as performing, competing, taking workshops from guest instructors, or taking group “field trips” to other studios or events? If the studio says you can only take classes with them, decide if that’s part of your growth strategy or if you’d benefit from more variety.

2. How’s the vibe?

Is it comfortable or challenging? Are there cliques or is everyone friendly? Finding a vibe that matches your style is important for longevity. Sometimes a studio is great but, just not for you.

3. Are there appropriate safety measures in class?

Does the equipment seem well maintained? This is hard to know from the causal observer but the presence of crash mats and equipment that is free of rust or damage is usually a good sign. If you asked about safety, did you get information or were your concerns dismissed?

Choosing to stay at a pole studio can be a hard decision. Use these tips to help you decide where is the best place for you to spend your time.

> Folks who have been poling a while — what other tips would you add? Let us know!

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