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What to look for in a pole studio as a first time pole student

The hardest thing to do in pole is to walk through the door of a studio for the first time.

It can be scary, daunting? and outright confusing. If you’re lucky enough to have multiple studio options available to you, how do you know which is the right one? The simple answer is to try them all but, that can be expensive, time consuming, and not always desirable.

Here are five tips on what to look for in your potential new pole studio’s website, social media, and other contact points before you even step through the front door!

1. Do they have diverse teachers?

Is that diversity present in body type, background/education, age, disabilities, on their website and in their social media? It can be hard to get permission to post photos and videos of students so finding diversity in teachers is often a good indicator of overall studio diversity.

2. Is the pricing transparent?

Are all your options posted clearly on the website or do you have to make an account before seeing pricing? If you ask, are you told your options or is it hidden? If that info isn’t clear up front, that’s a major red flag.

3. What is the structure and progression of the classes?

Is the studio designed for drop in classes or are they semester based? How are levels defined? And how do you move between levels? Do you need to “test” or is it time-based? There’s no right or wrong with this one but finding a style that works best for how you learn is key.

4. How are the facilities?

Many studios are located in odd or unusual places. Are there clear directions on the website on how to get to the studio? Are there photos so you know what to expect? If you choose to stop by, was it clean?

5. Are they responsive?

If you have questions and try to contact the studio, do they actually respond? Or are you sending 3 DMs, 2 phone calls, and an email just to get a response? Many studio owners have multiple jobs so give them a little grace BUT ask yourself, how much responsiveness do you need to give a place your business?

Finding a pole studio can be tricky. Use these tips to help you decide where is the best place for you to spend your time.

> Folks who have been poling a while — what other tips would you add? Let us know!


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