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Model displays Sway Movewear.

PoleCon Exhibitor Spotlight: Sway Movewear

All exhibitors spotlighted have previously vended at a PoleCon event.

Thank you for being a vendor at PoleCon! Can you tell us a little more about your brand?

Thank you for hosting PoleCon—a remarkable platform uniting dancers and entrepreneurs. I’m Agata, the proud owner of Sway, a boutique pole wear brand lovingly crafted in Gdańsk, Poland. Sway encapsulates a blend of impeccably constructed garments and innovative styles, revolutionizing the way dancers express themselves. My journey into pole dance commenced a decade ago, leading me to depart from my architectural career to pursue my passion for fashion design. It changed my life quite literally. I quit my office job as an architect and pursued my dream of becoming a fashion designer and soon found out that I’m in love with being an independent entrepreneur. I was also never good student in general, since I’m dyslexic math was a struggle, reading was a torture and public reading or speaking was troumatising but as many dyslexic people I’m very creative and I’m great at solving problems and seeing bigger picture. I can see now that those flaws actually helped me become successful. It taught me hard work since nothing came to me easily. I was also never good at sports at school so finding a pole was also a revelation for me. It’s a very unique sport/dance, there is no right or wrong, it can be molded into countless styles and forms. Its also a great combination of dance, athleticism, theatre and costuming so it actually became an avenue to conquer childhood insecurities and embrace public performance. Something I was always scared of.

Is there something that defines your brand that unique to you?

I genuinely want people to feel like their most empowered selves—a bit corny , I know, but it’s true. I firmly believe in the transformative power of clothing; it’s more than just threads and threads and fabric—Clothers can completely alter our mood, skyrocket confidence, and boost our allure. Since pole is such a visual art the “look” plays a big role, but it’s important to know there is no right or wrong and it’s about embracing the personal style. It’s crucial that we feel fantastic regardless of whether someone’s watching or not.

Moreover, I strive for individuals to sense that they’ve been well taken care of. It may sound obvious, yet it’s essential to me that people understand their received piece was crafted by individuals working in good conditions, receiving fair wages. I’m hands-on in collaborating closely with seamstresses and pattern makers. This differs greatly from ordering mass-produced items from distant places, where the circumstances of creation remain unknown.

My husband makes fun of me touching random objects and surfaces wherever I go (I think it’s a common thing for architects)… anyway I touch a very important sense to me.Texture matters. The fabrics I select for Sway aren’t just durable and breathable; they’re buttery-soft, offering a tactile pleasure when worn. It’s about creating an experience beyond just attire—a sense of comfort, quality, and conscientiousness ingrained in every Sway piece.

Anything else you want to share with PoleCon attendees?

Super excited to be attending PoleCon 2024 with my husband Paweł – it will be our third PoleCon and we really look forward to seeing some familiar faces and getting to know new ones so swing by our booth and say hi! Your support truly means the world to us.

I’m excited to unveil some exciting upcoming ventures. We’re diving headfirst into crafting an amazing new Sway swimwear line, I’m aiming for its launch before the summer ’24 season. So you will be able to embrace that Sway vibe, whether you’re in the studio or soaking up the sun.

Additionally, I’m thrilled to provide a glimpse into an exciting collaboration: Sway has partnered with SSIK.Love, a distinguished sex shop and platform fostering a safe environment for delving into sexual education, acceptance, and understanding. Together, we’ve curated an alluring erotic Sway line, an enticing addition to our brand’s repertoire.



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