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Strip Down, Rise Up PoleCon Editorial Comment

Strip Down, Rise Up PoleCon Editorial Comment

On February 5th, 2021 NETFLIX released the movie Strip Down, Rise Up.

A few people have asked how we could share information about this film given it’s controversial nature which showcases several issues that are still present in the pole industry (including but not limited to fatphobia, whorephobia, white-washing and gender issues).

We had originally decided to share the interview to allow for additional discussion. While the pole community claims to be inclusive—and some do experience that feeling—it is not holistically and consistently inclusive to all persons. That much is clear from this film.

Sharing the interview has been taken as an endorsement, which is not the case.

PoleCon continues to NOT endorse ANY film, ANY book, ANY methodology of pole nor ANY pole personality EVER in ANY way. This blog is a collection of voices from the pole community.

The original interview has been removed and any subsequent interviews related to this film will not be shared.

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