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Get Your Booty To The Pole

Get Your Booty To The Pole

Get Your Booty To The Poll is a shining example of the seismic impact that can be made by motivated people working together. Crowdsourced with small donations and safely shot during a pandemic, this PSA was a daring way to empower black men to make it to the ballot box. Patriotic pole dancers even tossed out tips to improve the success of the process. The election of 2020 saw historic black voter turnout that affected numerous swing states such as Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. This campaign went viral (in the good way) by focusing on the issues, earning love from John Legend, and a compliment from Stephen Colbert.
The Presidential election isn’t the only race worth voting in. Your Senators, Representatives, district attorneys, sheriffs, judges, and county executives are the very people that will directly impact the education, administrative and judicial systems in your community. All politics is local.
Today, we’re speaking with Zippora and Bunni about POLL dancing with Get Your Booty To The Poll.

What’s the most important reason you Get Your Booty to the Poll and vote? 

Zippora: One of the most important reasons to Get Your Booty To the Polls are to hold your elected officials accountable. Using the power of your vote is your voice saying what you are and are not for. With your vote you are also saying my vote matters and what I do with my vote is extremely impactful in this vehicle of change. We are all a member of a community and what happens on that ballot in your area affects you in your community so as a Voter you want to take part in voting to make a difference wherein it has a direct effect on your life.

Why did you decide to join the GYBTTP campaign? 

Bunni: I joined because I believe in the cause! This was a very important election, and I would do anything to help excite and give knowledge to people and make them want to get up and Vote! Especially the Black man’s vote.

What role do you think black women played in the election? 

Zippora: Black Women have proven themselves to be loyal participants of the voting process.  I do believe even more black women were more voiceful and expressive about what this election means to them. Their voices resonated more this election and they also held those around them accountable for their vote as well.

How do you think this PSA contributed to the historic number of black voters who participated in the 2020 elections? 

Bunni:   I definitely believe our PSA had a big impact on getting black voters, especially Georgia. John legend said it best ” Y’all rightfully shouting out Stacey Abrams for Georgia, but let’s not forget “Get Your Booty To The Poll.”

Do you think the increase of registered black voters will lead to candidates prioritizing the issues that black Americans face? 

Zippora: What voters should keep in mind is that the work only starts at the polls.  The next steps are to hold your elected officials accountable. Make sure your voice is heard on a consistent basis by contacting those Officials to make clear and ensure they understand the policies and reforms that need to be addressed that directly relate to and impact the issues that Black Americans face. Just because you may have helped to vote an official into office who shares your same values does not mean their priority list will match your own. Being more vocal and remaining in constant communication with the office of those politicians leaves nothing to chance when it comes to that politician questioning what matters to the Black American voter.

Do you think that future elections (like GA’s Jan. 5th runoff) will be affected by the people who have seen the PSA? 

Bunni: Yes, I think people who have seen this PSA will still be inspired and understand the importance of voting.
Georgia On My Mind
Voter registration deadline is Dec. 7th, 2020
Early voting begins on Dec. 14th, 2020
Runoff Election Day is Jan 5th 2021
*All absentee ballots must arrive by 7 p.m. on Jan. 5, 2021 to be counted.
*You have to make a separate request for an absentee ballot to vote in the January 2021 Georgia runoff election EVEN IF YOU VOTED BY MAIL IN NOVEMBER. The exception to that are folks over 65 and people who [requested an absentee ballot previously in this election cycle, meaning 2020 AND checked the box that they want to receive an absentee ballot going forward].
In-Person Voting Bag Checklist: Mask, ID with residency, pen, snacks & water, folding chair, fully charged phone
Get Your Booty To The Poll mesmerized the country with their message and motivated more black men to participate in the electoral process. Our society is most successful when as many people as possible have a say. Long live the American experiment

Bonus Questions!!!

How long have you been pole dancing and how did you get into it?

Zippora: I believe I took my 1st Pole Dancing class in 2008. A friend had a flyer for a Pole studio, and she wanted to attend. At the time, I was just looking for a fitness or dance class so that I could be more active.  As it turns out, I took the class and she never did go. After my 1st class, I fell in love and the rest was history. Lol
Bunni: I’ve been poling for about 8yr now! I got into the sport because I’ve always dreamed of taking a class after seeing it on Oprah, and when I was older, I thought it would be a Sexy surprise for my boyfriend at the time.

Do you have any other dance background? 

Zippora: Pole dancing was my 1st dance class.  It was also my 1st fitness class. I’ve never done any sort of gymnastics, dance or fitness.  I also never played sports in high school.  As a matter of fact, I hated working out and sweating was my enemy prior to attending a Pole class.  I didn’t know what it was to be or work on flexibility and I had little to no strength going into this new sport.
Bunni: Yes, I actually grew up dancing! I’ve taken everything from ballet to jazz to hip hop to African…. you name I’ve probably tried it lol!
How was filming this PSA during COVID restrictions?
Zippora: COVID has definitely changed how the crew and talent move on set. We keep our distance and when not in front of the camera, you have to wear a mask. Before even entering the building, you are required to take a COVID test that is administered by medical professionals on set. You are not allowed to move forward until you receive a negative COVID result. Only then are you allowed on set. The safety protocols are pretty strict but necessary to keep us all safe.

What was your favorite pole move to execute onset? 

Bunni: My favorite pole move to do on set was the bam fairy and iron X!

Is there anyone in the world of pole dance that you admire? Are there any new pole people that you are excited about? 

Zippora: I admire so many pole dancers. The 1st pole dancer I completely lost it for and who changed the way I looked at and appreciated the sport is Jenyne Butterfly.  The 1st time I saw her perform on stage, she truly was a butterfly.  Her performance literally moved me to tears. lol! My friends thought I was a little crazy for my overwhelming emotions, but I had never seen a performance so beautiful.  The strength, flexibility and confidence were all the things I had hoped to embody on my pole journey. She was definitely my inspiration.
I am excited about polers who are true to self. I am excited about those polers who aren’t necessarily trying to show off the newest pole trick every week but who takes us along on their pole journey, through the highs and lows, through the development of a piece that builds on who they are as a person.  I am excited about the Poler who brings their personality into their movement.  I am excited about those who aren’t afraid to share their mistakes.  I believe anyone can be strong, many can be sexy but I appreciate those who can connect on a different level. Because it’s been a journey for me that’s what I look for to new polers, the journey.  I want to ride with you through your journey as you become your truest self through pole.

What do you have to say to the people who say “I could never pole dance”? 

Bunni: YES YOU CAN! Pole is for everyone! There’s so many different styles that you’ll be able to find the one that truly speaks to you!
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