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Pole dancer demonstrates a body wave in a studio.

The Perfect Body Wave

  What is the most iconic sexy skill? That’s right, the body wave. A simple yet complex way of moving that will lock an audience into a trance. A body wave is a sensual way of emulating a snake which,…

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Word cloud of pole dance choreography words.

Choreography 101: Improv

Scene: After a recent showcase. STUDENT: That was so amazing! Everyone did such a great job! ME: Are you going to perform next time? STUDENT: Oh, no. I don’t know how to choreograph. The preceding scene has happened to me…

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Silhouette of two apparent women against a red light.


Dance and music have been a form of storytelling since man could stand upright and walk. Rhythmic movement and musical expression can be insights into cultural norms, provide historical insight and define spiritual rituals. Of course pole dancing has its…

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