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Pole dancer sits on the floor straddling the pole & leaning back.

I Resolve . . . .

It’s the time of year when resolutions are made, and I’m wondering about my goals for pole in 2016. Leaving pole class last night I realized that I am finally at peace with what I can and can not do.…

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Image of a chest mount with text: Chest Mount Tutorial, Totally Stoked Fitness.

How to Ace the Chest Mount

The Chest Mount, also called the Broomstick is a strikingly beautiful move and all the rage at the moment. Here are a few tips and tricks that can aid in achieving this move. But before we go anywhere with this…

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Action image of a pole dancer kicking back with a behind-the-back grip.

Dance It Out

As the competition season wraps up this year, I am forced to sit back and evaluate my pole journey and where I am headed. I found myself saying “I want to focus on my dancing this year.” I feel as…

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Paige and Haley being interviewed at PoleCon.

Interview with Paige and Haley!

123TV and 123poling.com, the best resource for online pole training for students and instructors, interviews Paige Olsen and Haley Pafford! Paige and Haley are both competing this weekend at the International Pole Sport Federation World Pole Sports Competition in London.…

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