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Pole dancer executes a ballerina move on stage.

5 easy tips to not getting dizzy when on spin pole

Spin pole can be super exhilarating and fun aAND it can also be the vomitron – sometimes in the same movement pass!

If you find that you’re often very dizzy and even nauseous or sick when doing spin pole, check out these tips:

  1. Keep practicing—it gets better! A study done on ballerinas showed that over time the part of the brain that perceives dizziness shrunk through training: “Their brains adapt over years of training to suppress that input. Consequently, the signal going to the brain areas responsible for perception of dizziness in the cerebral cortex is reduced, making dancers resistant to feeling dizzy.”
  2. Stare at the pole. Your eyes provide input to your vestibular system, the part of your brain that detects balance. If it looks like the room is spinning, you’ll likely feel like the room is spinning. Stare at the pole which, although it is moving when on spin mode, will appear not to spin since you are moving at the same rate.
  3. Practicing “spotting.” Spotting is a technique that dancers use to stare at a fixed spot that isn’t actually spinning (like a spot on the wall rather than your pole) while they themselves are spinning. It involves focus and a head whipping sensation that can be hard to learn as an adult. If you have a dance background, you are more likely to use this tip effectively!
  4. Close your eyes. Don’t let go of the pole but do try closing your eyes as you go through movements on spinning pole. You are turning off one of the inputs that tells your body that it is perceiving dizziness which will help you feel less dizzy. If you think it might look weird during a performance to close your eyes, grab some sunglasses!
  5. Try motion sickness cures. The same cures that can help motion sickness or sea sickness also can help you adjust to the spinning sensation of spin pole. Things such as chewing ginger candies, wearing a seasickness patch, taking an anti-nausea drug like Dramamine, or even wearing an acupressure wristband all can help you feel less dizzy and nauseous when on spin pole!

Next time you go for a spin, try out these tips and let us know how it goes!

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