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Barefeet, Ballet Slippers, And Heels

Barefeet, Ballet Slippers, and Heels

Barefeet, Ballet Slippers or Heels Which do you prefer? So many choices what should a girl do?

Personally, I prefer bare feet and ballet slippers. When I took my first pole class. My instructor was wearing a pair of knee high boots! The boots were all black and leather. Platform 4 ½ inch heel! String lace up in the back. I thought to my self: “I need those boots.” The next class I purchased the boots. Every time I went to class I made sure I packed my high heel boots. The height that the boots gave me helped to make my pole struts look amazing. My pole slides were Flawless!!! I wore those boots everywhere!

My second pair of my pole shoes blinked with blue lights — I received theem in dance troupe. Those things were amazing — anytime I would take a step they would light up blue! They were the coolest pair of shoes I ever owned. When the battery went up all the blinking was over! Sometimes things would get a little dangerous with the heels in dance troupe. After a show I would wake up the next morning with mystery scratches! I would wonder where did these scratches come from! Those damn heels and partner pole tricks.

For about a year I wore heels while poling. The same instructor that influenced me to wear heels had influenced me to stop wearing heels. My instructor shared with me why she stopped wearing shoes: she wanted to break the mold of the stereotype of pole fitness and stripping being the same exact thing. My instructor wanted to show that pole fitness was a sport. Getting rid of the heels would be a great start.

In the pole world your teachers have a big influence on you!

Barefeet & Ballet Slippers! My new journey had begun no more heels! From Pole Struts to Pirouettes the heels had made spinning on your toes so much easier. It was so much harder using the balls of your feet to turn, slide, and to build momentum! With my feet being newborns to the ground I had not formed callous. I was looking forward to forming callous on my feet — no “normal” girl would want to have callous on their feet! After form callous on my feet, everything became so much easier and my lines became cleaner. The floor and my bare feet became best friends. When twirling using my bare feet sometimes I would close my eyes and pretend I’m in a musical on Broadway.

With bare feet there was no room for mistakes in un-pointed toes in a performance. Before any pole performance I would make sure I did my foot stretches to make sure my toes were pointed. I’m not the best toe pointer! Now I wear ballet slippers to help my toes to stay pointed during my performances. No ugly feet while wearing my favorite pair of slippers! The ballet slippers also help my spins to look flawless. The momentum the Ballet Slippers give you is amazing!!!

Which do you prefer Barefeet, Ballet Slippers or Heels?

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