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Pole dance leans against her back foot while doing the front splits on the floor.


So, you’ve oohd and ahhd over the jade split queens of the pole community and now you are wondering, “how can I make my jade look like that?!” I have good news for you and that is that you are more than capable of having a flatter than flat jade split. Here are some helpful stretches for achieving that beautiful split on the pole. Remember, before you do any heavy stretching, make sure your muscles are and ready to go!

  •  Long pigeon and light quad stretch: Sit in a pigeon pose. Instead of trying to get that front leg to a 90-degree angle, turn your knee forward and pull your foot close to your pelvis, this will stretch the very top of your hamstring. Once in that pose, grab your back leg and pull it as close to your back as you can. Make sure to keep your hips square!
Long pigeon and light quad stretch
  • Deep hamstring stretch: There are three parts to this next stretch. Lay on your back and pull your leg as close to your face without bending your knee. Keep your hips on the ground and your leg square in front of your face (don’t let that leg open up!) Hold this pose for a few seconds and then bend the knee close to your chest as you flex your foot. Lastly, straighten that leg back out, thinking of pulling your thigh close to you first. Try to get that leg closer to your face each time. Repeat three to four times.
Deep hamstring stretch, #1
Deep hamstring stretch #2
Deep hamstring stretch #3
  • Wall lunges: Make sure you have some knee protection like a matt or knees pads for this one! Place your shin all the way up against the wall (make sure your foot is pointing to the ceiling!) then put your front foot at a 90-degree angle in a short lunge. Your goal is to try to get you back flat against the wall. Once you have held this for a few seconds, take your leg and hips forward in to a deeper lunge and push your hands in to your front leg to arch back. Lastly, slide your front leg out in to a split (this is the tricky part!) Try not to let your back-foot tip over! Extra credit: arch back!
Wall lunges #1
Wall lunges #2
Wall lunges #3
Wall lunges #4
  • Wall splits:  Take your splits to the wall! If you are close to the splits or just barely have them, you’ll want your heel on the wall. If you are far away from your splits or working on over splits, take the heel away from the wall. You want to push your pelvis in to the wall to depend the splits through both legs. Be sure to check out part 3 to take it to the pole!
Wall splits!































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