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Pole Party Games For Your Next Event

Are you having a pole party and want some awesome game ideas to keep the energy high? Over the years I have seen, partaken in, and created handfuls of games that are huge hits at every event or party. Here are some of my favorites!

Pole Roulette

I have seen different variations of Pole Roulette, or similarly styled games and contests, at various pole events. While at large events there is typically a DJ playing songs at random, I have found this gets more fun when everyone knows each other. Here is how it works.

  • One person starts as DJ. They select a song for the first dancer without telling them what it is.
  • The first dancer has to dance to 90 seconds of that song, whatever it is.
  • After the 90 seconds is up, the dancer becomes DJ and the next dancer is up.
  • Repeat until the original DJ is the final dancer.

There is a ton of opportunity in this game. You can play to your friends’ strengths or weaknesses, give them music they love or you know they can’t stand!

At the end you can cheer and choose who did the best job, or have a community toast and declare yourselves all winners. After all, you braved 90 seconds in the unknown!

Be sure to check out PoleCon’s version of this game: Pole Of Fortune on June 3!

Pants Off Dance Off

I first encountered Pants Off Dance Off at Michigan Pole Fest (may it rest in peace…or rest until it comes back if that day happens!). This game is an absolute blast and will leave everyone laughing. Here are the rules:

  • Each participant must start in pants…and heels.
  • When the music begins the participant must find the sexiest way to dance their pants completely off over the heels.
  • At the party’s discretion, bonus points may be awarded for removing particularly tight pants or leggings over the heels.
  • The sexiest performer wins

This game will give Magic Mike a run for his money as everyone kills their sexiest floor moves, all in their favorite heels!

Relay Races

Everyone is familiar with this classic event. While you can stick to some of the classic methods of completing a relay race, giving participants “difficulty options” is a fun way to challenge their creativity. For each task, participants can take the normal option or the more difficult “bonus” option. For each Bonus option the team chooses to take, they receive one second removed from their total end time. While this requires timing each group individually, it lets everyone’s true colors and abilities shine! Here are some great prompts to include in the legs of your relay race:

  • Sexy crawl across the floor. (Bonus: crawl backwards)
  • Tape a dollar to the top of the pole. Retrieve the dollar. (Bonus: climb with no legs)
  • Twerk across the floor on all fours, Magic Mike style. (Bonus: travel the twerks forward)
  • Vagina monster across the floor. (Bonus: move backwards)
  • Feel free to get creative with some of your favorite prompts, and let the competition begin!

Pole Charades

This is a great freestyle exercise and can be a hilarious party game! You will need paper, pens, and three baskets, bowls, buckets, etc.

  • Each person is given three slips of paper and a pen.
  • On each slip they have to write the following: a character, an action, and an emotion (eg. a cat, flirting, sleepy)
  • All participants will combine their character slips into one bucket, actions into the second bucket, and emotions into the third.
  • After all slips have been mixed up, participants redraw one slip from each bucket.
  • They may then choose a song to help them act out a performance that embodies all three slips.
  • All audience members will try to guess the original words.
  • Whoever is most successful wins!

There is limitless possibility to fun, and these are just a few ideas if you are looking for new ones to incorporate in your next pole party. Always remember if alcohol is involved, please pole responsibly.

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