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What’s Your Dancing Style?

What’s your dancing style?  Contemporary dance seems to be the current, most popular style in the pole world. There are so many different styles though, I don’t know where to start!! In the pole world everyone has his or her own style. A lot of polers mix and match styles stamping their fingerprint on the pole world. Your fingerprint isn’t like anyone else’s fingerprint. You set your own boundaries and your limits. Only you can define your print. The perfect touch of your own style will leave a lasting impression.

Contemporary Dance is one of the most popular dance styles in the pole world. Contemporary Dance is a mix of classical, modern, and jazz styles. This form is a popular among many trained dancers. Most artists that focus on the contemporary dance style focuses on controlled legwork. Speed, rhythm and direction can change at any time within their performance. Contemporary dance allows creative freedom! In contemporary dance the costume and lighting helps set the tone.

Another fun style of dancing is African Contemporary Dance! African Contemporary Dance is not a familiar style in the pole world but I believe it would be a great style for me. African dance uses a lot of body articulation. African dance is also influenced by Caribbean dance. Both Caribbean and African dance need strong characters to perform. Artist may use a lot of bent knee movements. The costume must be colorful and the performer must be lively and upbeat! This style is often performed to Caribbean, Jamaican, Jazz, or Soul Music.

Who doesn’t love acting? I love to create theatrical performances. The Theatrical style combines songs, spoken dialogue, acting, and dance. While performing, the artist is telling their story. The emotional content of the music helps set the stage. The emotion could be love, humor, or whatever emotion you chose. The story is communicated through the music, words, and movement. Of course the costume will match his or her story: if he or she is telling a fairytale they might dress like a fairy or evil witch. Anyone who enjoys musicals would love the theatrical style.

Flips, Splits and Dives! Many former gymnasts focus on the gymnastic side of pole. You may see the gymnast do a crazy flip off of the pole. A gymnast may perform cartwheels from one pole to another. Chinese Poling is very gymnastics-based. Only daredevils like Dr. Kenneth Kao jump from one pole to another! Acro dance styles are one of the forms gymnast my focus on. Acro style combines the classical technique with acrobatic elements. Many styles use Cirque de Soliel performances as their source of inspiration.

Last but not least I could not leave out the sexy dance style!  From hip rolls to floor snakes, who doesn’t want to dance sexy every now and then? A lot of pole artist who perform the sexy style focus on floorwork. The artist may combine a striptease routine incorporating Go Go dance, Sexy Leg Work, and body traces as well.

So, what’s your pole dance style?

My style is a mix of theatrical, gymnastic, and African Contemporary dance.

Get out and stamp your fingerprint on the pole world!

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