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Pole dancers warm up and practice on stage poles.

Conceptualizing a Performance

My creativity is inherent to my being, and I can’t recall it not being a present energy in my life. My first drawing ever (I kid you not) was a diptych; on one side of the paper was an observation…

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Pole dancer executes a side split on the pole.


We all have pole goals. Whether it’s the mastery of a specific trick, combo, or floor exercise, we all want that perfect execution. It’s easy to compare ourselves to some of the pole stars out there who seem to be…

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Glucose. It's the basic form of energy we need to survive. Every cell and every process in our body is fueled by glucose. This simple monosaccharide (read: sugar) is what every carbohydrate we eat breaks down into. Carbohydrate: Anything that…

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Line image with pole dancer cutting through it.

Pole as Activism

Activism is defined as “the policy or action of using vigorous campaigning to bring about political or social change”. Activism cannot come without a desire to understand, so it is my goal to talk about both understanding and activism in…

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Text: A balanced table, with images of food in the background.

Eat to Fuel Your Future

As a Nutritional Therapist with a special interest in working with athletes, I’m often asked by clients what they should eat after they work out to fuel their recovery. While this is certainly important, I like to stress that what…

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