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Male presenting street performer demonstrates on a lyra in front of a crowd.

PoleCon 2021: Recap

Thank you so much for coming to PoleCon 2021 in New Orleans! This is my sixth, live PoleCon as CEO/owner, the tenth overall live event (eleventh total) since its founding, and it was definitely one for the history books! We…

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Students stretch on the floor during a workshop.

What is interoception?

Interoception is understanding what our body feels like on the inside. The goal to developing a good sense of interoception from a movement perspective is to identify and categorize sensations in our body accurately so we can learn to understand…

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Jax Spenser leans back during floor work in a performance wearing a half-mask

Interview with Jax Spencer

We sat down to talk with Jax Spencer! She’ll be teaching a paid workshop for the first time at #polecon2021 ! What do you love about being a pole instructor? The students. The community. The love. Oh, and the heels.…

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Pole dancer executes advanced inverted tricks wearing a full body suit.

Help! My Flow is Broken!

Most blogs are written about something that the writer knows, or has experienced, that he/she attempts to explain or advise upon. In most blogs, the writer is super knowledgeable about the topic and the reader comes out feeling informed. This…

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