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Pole Con Recap!

PoleCon has officially returned! We had more than 500 attendees from all over the world, almost 100 different workshops and an absolutely amazing slew of performances! Some things you're saying about the event (from our survey): “Many of the vendors…

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Combating Anxiety with Dance

"I have always been somewhat of a high-strung person.  I get bored very easily and therefore need lots of things happening in my life to keep me from getting anxious.  I am a Gemini, and can move very easily and…

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Pole Kinematics: The Physics of Pole Dancing

The complexity of pole dance is absolutely incredible! Combinations of movements from lifts to flips to aerial body waves leaves audiences stunned saying: “Whoa….that last performance defied the laws of gravity!!!”. It’s important to understand fundamental physics as it relates…

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Eating Clean on a Budget

The biggest hurdle most people have to clean eating isn’t the food. Fresh, homemade, organic food is delicious! It isn’t giving up those ‘unclean’ foods either. There may be that one food you just can’t let go of, but that…

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Conceptualizing a Performance

My creativity is inherent to my being, and I can’t recall it not being a present energy in my life. My first drawing ever (I kid you not) was a diptych; on one side of the paper was an observation…

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