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Cyberpunk Controversy Could Trigger New Pole Dancing Trends

From Ryan Gosling exclaiming “We won the sex war after women started doing pole dancing for exercise.” in Crazy Stupid Love to Joe Rogan and Tina Fey both engaging in pole shaming during their skits, pole dancing has always been portrayed in somewhat of a questionable light in pop culture. With the release of the highly-anticipated and equally as controversial Cyberpunk 2077 at the end of last year, pole dancing was once again cast in a dubious light thanks to the inclusion of a futuristic and rather racy and dance sequence. While this is just one of many instances in the game that got the tongues wagging, one can’t help but wonder whether it may just lead to a new pole dancing trend? 

Why is Cyberpunk even trend-worthy?

In order to understand how a game can possibly inspire new pole dancing trends, it is important to gauge why the game is so popular to start with. Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world, action game that is set in a megalopolis known as Night City. During gameplay, you can customize everything from your character’s skill set, cyberware, and play style while you explore the city. As a subgenre, Cyberpunk is defined by the amalgamation of nihilist fiction and high-tech science fiction. Throw in a series of provocative scenes and it is no wonder the game has been hailed as a cult classic.

Cyberpunk fashion can be very pole-friendly

Pole performers and competitors rely greatly on their costumes to make an impression on both the audience and adjudicators. Apart from having to be comfortable enough to freely move around in, it also has to be visually appealing which is why so many costumes are made using sequin and lace. With cyberpunk fashion taking the world by storm, it may only be a matter of time before the post-apocalyptic,moody dress code becomes an inspiration to game-loving dancers. Although cyberpunk fashion is known to be dark, it does allow for a large degree of creativity that could easily see a somewhat austere outfit become a pole dancing hit with the inclusion of leather, latex, and techwear materials.

Futuristic moves can become a hot trend

When watching the pole dancing sequence in Cyberpunk 2077, one thing is very apparent: futuristic, almost robotic pole dancing moves are strangely appealing. It is also almost impossible to deny that the skin-tight, high-tech catsuit the pole dancer in Japantown wears is not, at the very least, somewhat mesmerizing. Somewhat reminiscent of the pole dancing robots that caused quite a stir at the 2012 CeBIT IT Fair that took place in Germany, the Cyberpunk dancer may very well inspire a whole new pole dancing style. It can even encourage a number of die-hard cyberpunk game fans to try their hand at pole dancing

Pole dancing trends have been influenced by various things over the years. Although not every pole dancer is going to be comfortable dressing up in Cyberpunk-inspired gear, we might be surprised to what extent a controversial game can impact a dancing discipline.

Lucy Hardy
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