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Healthy Eating For Pole Dancers

Healthy Eating for Pole Dancers

The days that pole dancing is believed to be just for young women with modelesque physiques are, thankfully, long gone. Today, men and women of all shapes and sizes (and ages) are embarking on fulfilling pole-dancing journeys that provide them with a boosted self-esteem and great physical workout.  Despite pole dancing becoming increasingly inclusive, there are some dancers who may be trying to change their body shape whether due to health reasons or personal preference. With the weight-loss market being inundated with pills and potions that promise quick weight-loss fixes it is important to be able to distinguish fact from fad. Thankfully, there are a number of simple, safe, and effective weight loss guidelines to follow that will help you develop the body you want.

Eat for your workout

One safe and efficient way to properly fuel your body is by monitoring your carb intake.  By monitoring your carbs, you will become considerably more mindful of how much food and which foods provide you the fuel for your workout while potentially changing your body shape if that is your goal. The carbohydrates you count will depend on the eating plan you are following and how much you are poling and doing other work-outs.  Generally, minimize your intake of the type of complex carbs found in white bread, pastries, and pasta, and opt for foods rich in complex carbs instead.  Vegetables, whole grains, beans, and legumes are all good sources of beneficial, complex carbs and can help you fuel your body appropriately.

Limit your alcohol intake

While it is not necessary to stop consuming alcohol altogether, reducing your intake may do wonders for your physique. Alcohol will not only slow down your metabolism, but can impact the quality of your sleep as well, which can slow down your progress.  If you want to enjoy the occasional drink without derailing your training completely, opt for low-sugar options such as light, dry white wine and alcohol-reduced beer which will decrease the chances for hangovers and not decrease your recovery as much. If you are a spirit drinker, stick to vodka or whiskey and substitute your sugary mixers for water or sugar-free soda.

Stay hydrated

Drinking enough water is an essential component of staying healthy! Drinking an average of eight glasses of water a day can, in fact, boost a pole dancer’s training in many ways.  If you struggle to drink plain water, try adding natural flavors with citrus and cucumber slices, mint leaves, or a hand full of berries. You can also buy unflavored sparkling water or even drink warm water with lemon slices in it as alternatives to normal cold water.

Pole dancing is known to provide a wonderful, full-body workout. Make sure you are fueling your workout properly and if changing or modifying your body is a goal, do it safely and slowly for more sustainable results.

Lucy Hardy
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