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Samantha Star being gives a double-thumbs up to the camera at PoleCon

An Interview with Samantha Star

PoleCon workshop leader and performer, hand balancing enthusiast and cat lover—we sat down to talk with the handstand queen, Samantha Star. Mica: How many times a week do you exercise? Sam: 6-7 days a week.  Usually take a full rest…

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Michula Nunez swinging around a pole in half-bracket grip.

An Interview with Michula Nunez

PoleCon workshop leader, studio owner, sexy pole beast—we sat down to talk with the extraordinary dancer, Michula Nunez from California.   Mica: How did your pole journey start? How old were you? How many times a week do you exercise?…

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Dimly lit pole dancer executes a knee hold.

What’s Your Dancing Style?

What’s your dancing style?  Contemporary dance seems to be the current, most popular style in the pole world. There are so many different styles though, I don’t know where to start!! In the pole world everyone has his or her…

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