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Ashley Fox in bracket grip and tuck while wearing a blindfold that says love.

An Interview with Ashley Fox

Studio owner, competitor and all around adorable, pint-sized pole-pixie, we sat down to talk with the phenom that is Ashley Fox.


Mica: How did your pole journey start? How old were you? How many times a week do you exercise?

Ashley Fox:  My pole journey began in 2010, at age 22, at an intro class at Xpose Fitness in Hanover, MD. I was super excited about taking the class, and became immediately hooked afterwards. However, I was a student at FIT at the time, and could not afford to keep paying for classes so I invested in a pole at home and began teaching myself through pole DVDs, YouTube, and online tutorials.

Mica: How many times a week do you exercise?

Ashley Fox: I exercise and cross-train for pole every day. I usually get to my pole studio in New Jersey around noon to work on my flexibility, strength, dance, and pole transition & combos. I spend 3-4 hours a day training. On weekends or during free time, I attend classes at Yoga to the People, Barstarzz, and Aerial Arts NYC for contortion.

Mica: When did you start taking pole more seriously?

Ashley Fox: I began taking pole more seriously immediately after my first intro class, when I invested in a pole at home. However, my passion grew exponentially after attending the 2011 American Pole Fitness Championship and watching Pole Stars like Flying Laura, Phoenix Kazree, Suwasit, and David Owen. It motivated me to want to dedicate my life to Pole.

Mica: When was your first performance?

Ashley Fox: My first performance was at the 2012 American Pole Fitness Championship when I won 3rd Place, and got to share the stage with Champion Pink Puma (Paulina Volchek), Runner-up Phoenix Kazree, and other competitors like Samantha Star, Heidi Coker, and Nadia Shariff.

Mica: What is the most common mistake among pole artists?

Ashley Fox: The most common mistake amongst pole artists is not studying, practicing, or training for pole daily. Pole is a very demanding art and sport. It is also always evolving with new moves and ideas. You have got to keep up with the times or get left behind. It requires a lot of studying, cross-training, flexibility, strength, and dedication. You can easily lose your progress by neglecting your craft.

Mica: What is your current pole nemesis?

Ashley Fox: My current Nemesis is the Rainbow Marchenko. I’m always so close, yet so far! Lol.

Mica: What is your favorite pole move?

Ashley Fox: My current favorite move is the Fonji. I love experimenting with all of its different variations and modifications.

Mica: Who do you get your inspiration from?

Ashley Fox:  I draw my biggest inspiration from my Foxy Pole Family. As the Owner of Foxy Fitness and Pole Training Studios in NYC and NJ, I have become the leader and role model for hundreds of my students and instructors who share my passion for pole, and are inspired by my success. Their love for me is what motivates me to continue to be the best that I can be.

Mica: What training diets do you have?

Ashley Fox: I have been on a very strict Vegan diet for about 3 years. That means absolutely no animal products. I also don’t eat GMO’s, gluten, processed foods, salt, or sugar.

Mica: What competitions are you currently training for?

Ashley Fox: I’m currently training for the 2015 PCS(Pro-Division), 2015 Atlantic Pole Championships(Pro-Division), and the 2015 National Aerial Arts Championship(Pro-Division).

Mica: Are you excited about PoleCon? Why?

Ashley Fox: I’m extremely excited about attending PoleCon, and I’m honored to have the opportunity to be able to host my workshops. I also look forward to meeting my peers and fellow Polers from around the country who have dedicated themselves to Pole. It is a true blessing, and I can not wait to be there.

Mica: What should people expect from your workshop at PoleCon?

Ashley Fox: My workshops will focus on pole tricks, combos, and transitions. We will work on a variety of moves using different grips, modifications, and variations of some of my favorites.

Again, Thank you for this opportunity, Mica! I look forward to meeting you some time in the future, and I wish you much continued success with your line of Pole apparel & fashion. See you soon!

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