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I absolutely HATE working out from home. Home is the place to rest, recover, and sleep. So far the corona virus quarantine has made me so physically, mentally and emotionally fatigued that I had a brain scan and even the technician said I was tired. But, it’s been less than two weeks and this quarantine is indefinite, so I must find a way to keep my gainz progressing at home. Different motivation techniques work for different people but these have worked particularly well for me. If none of these work for you keep trying. Whatever it is YOU NEED-get creative- to get going, DO IT.


Since it’s winter here in NY and I spent so much time at the studio, I hardly ever go outside. But I have nowhere else to go, so I’ve tried going for a leisurely walk around the block. It completely refreshed my mind. No headphones or phone either. It was meditative. I also felt my hamstrings, glutes, and calves get a much needed workout (strong leg muscles are necessary for pole/aerial). I would recommend wearing proper shoes even on a short walk; your legs will feel much better when you get home.


Dress for success. You’ll notice as soon as you pull your favorite outfit out of the laundry you feel uplifted. I’ve been lounging in my dirty pajamas for days, but when I changed into my good clothes, I felt a click. It inspired me to sit down and write this blog.


Declutter your living space, Declutter your mind. I never practice yoga at home because I find myself getting distracted by having too much stuff in my room. I like a lot of free space when I’m freeing my mind. Mop, dust, and sweep your room to help you breath easier. Make your bed. Tuck things away in a closet. I also moved around all my furniture to make my room more spaced out. Turn your room into a space that offers rest on one end and energy on the other. Use essential oils. Open a window. Whatever you like about your studio or gym, create in your home.


This advice was given to me by my therapist. Other than working out, it can keep your mind active and keep you ready to get back into normal life. Keeping a schedule is also great for overall physical health; factors like sleep are done much more efficiently when your body expects them. Home workouts are great because you can workout whenever you see fit. My recommendation is sometime in the morning 2-3 hours after a hearty breakfast. Carbs fuel your workout and you can only exercise for so long before you get hungry if you haven’t eaten. Meanwhile, your “muscle building” and “energy” hormones are highest in the morning.


Use all this extra free time to bring some attention to areas of training that may usually be forgotten: sleep, hydration, nutrition. I started using Cronometer (which is free) and realized I’m not eating enough calories overall; and much to my disappointment, I’m not getting enough protein. Everything is easier to understand if you write it down and keep a log. Serious training takes hours of daily dedication that you may not have had before. Also, workshop how you can incorporate all these new training skills into your regular routine once you eventually get back to normal life.

EXTRA TIPS: Again, get creative! Whatever helps you feel physically and mentally alive, do it. Some other options may be making a high energy workout playlist or listening to podcasts- shoutout to The Artist Athlete, Off The Pole, & Black Girl Fit Files. You can commit to daily SM postings but be careful of spending too much time online; it is probably more beneficial to turn off your phone for a while.


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