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Let’s Get Your Glutes Going

Now that we have your Psoas acting right, we have to bring those glutes up to the same standard.

Do you remember that blog where we covered the whole idea of “if you can’t move you die” and I painted the picture of the Masai warrior on the African savannah staring into the eyes of the hungry lion? The psoas is the muscle that initiates running away from that lion, but the glutes are the second.  Without functioning glutes, you would be able to bring that knee up to start to run but there would be zero follow through, you would fall on your face and the lion would eat you up.

And yes, I get it, no one is in danger of getting eaten up by a lion here in the good old U.S of A. but you do need your psoas and glutes to be firing so you can dance around the pole.


Before we get started with the activations lets do a quick check in with your body.  Do 5 bodyweight squats for me, please.  Or, if you are near a pole and would like to do a quick combo of something easy do that.   Check in with your body and see what you are feeling.

Glute Activation Part 1:

I want you to take your thumbs and put them on the back of your head at the base of your skull.  You should be able to easily feel the base of your skull and even “dig” up under it a little bit.  You can feel the ridge from about 1 inch off of your ear to almost the middle of the back of your head.  I want you to palpate that area and see what you feel.

Here are some things you might notice:

  1. Can you feel the base of your skull or is there a lot of tissue in your way?
  2. When you palpate the area is it sore? Is there one spot that is more tender than the others?
  3. Does the tissue move freely? And is it “boring”

Take a notice of these things – and anything else you feel – we will come back to this area later.

Something to Pay Attention To:

The glute activation coincides with the area of your body where you store any issues you have with close family: mom, dad and siblings.  This means that while you are working on the next activation you MAY have some feelings arise.  I sure did, this is a hot button area for me.  If you feel any overwhelming emotion just sit with it.  Sometimes it is easy to see where the emotion is coming from, sometimes it is not so just sit with it and let it happen.  And if you need to talk it through with someone please reach out to me via Instagram DM or email at [email protected]

Glute Activation Part 2:

** WARNING **  this activation is NOT pleasant on most people.  Since you are working on yourself you can modulate the pressure that you use and stop at any time

Step 1: Take your pointer finger on your right hand and gently work behind your ear down at the base. Feel around until you find a “hole”.  Its kind of between your skull and your jawbone.  There is a fleshy place that you can put your finger into.

Step 2: Place your pointer finger in that hole.  Bring your elbow up so that your forearm is parallel to the ground and you have a straight lever with which to push.

Step 3: Slowly begin to push into that hole, increasing the pressure until you find a pressure that is uncomfortable.  Stay there and keep pushing.

Step 4: When you feel able to, begin to rotate your finger in small circles exploring that space and work to “make room”.   That won’t make a lot of sense until you start doing it.

Step 5: Work the area for about 30 seconds – 1 minute and then slowly back out

Step 6: When you are done with the right side, go ahead and do the left side the same way.

Step 7:  If you would like, repeat both sides.

When you are done with both sides give me 5 belly breaths.


Now that the activation is complete, take a moment to walk around your room and check in with your body.  Repeat the bodyweight squats or time on the pole after you walk.  What are you feeling?

Next, take your thumbs and palpate the base of your skull?  Does it feel different?


Sometimes the changes we make with these activations are real “holy shit” moments.  Other times, the changes are more subtle.  If you finish this activation and don’t feel any different don’t panic.  It may take a while for you to realize what might have changed.  Or, this may not be an area of your body where there is a deficit so you may not feel any different.  All of that is okay, we have so many more activations to tackle and I hope you will continue on this journey with me.


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