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Students wait on Stage Poles during a workshop

How to pick your #polecon2019 workshops

With PoleCon just a few more months away, the excitement and hype is in full swing. The schedule is up and many pole stars are available to learn from. As a veteran attendee and someone who has taken many a workshop, I felt it might be helpful to shed some knowledge on how to pick good workshops based your skillset, interests and abilities.

Check your skills

First things first, it is helpful to look at the skill level and moves required for certain workshops. Use the handy cheat-sheet to look at all the paid workshops at a glance! I know it may seem awesome to get to learn from certain stars we idolize, but knowing your limits is also necessary. If you’re a pole newbie (six months or less), I’d stick to workshops that are open to all levels. I cannot begin to even recall the number of times I’ve been in a workshop where the instructor had to keep pausing to help this one girl climb in an intermediate class or show someone how to do an inside leg hang. If there’s not a workshop available on the schedule with the person you really want to train with, most of them are also available for private lessons during the weekend. So that is always an option to keep in mind.

Know your moves

Secondly, if the workshop focuses on or involves a lot of a particular move, it should be something you are already working on or have been practicing. Don’t sign up for a shoulder mount workshop if you’ve never done it before. Focus on something you are learning at your studio that would be most beneficial to you. If you just learned how to climb, a workshop focusing on climbing and different types of climbs might be more your speed. That way you can perfect what you’ve already learned and take something extra back home with you to show your pole sisters.

Set a goal for the weekend

Thirdly, what is something you’d like to learn that you feel like you have the capability of doing with a little guidance. For some of us, that might be working on smoothing out our floorwork. I’m always trying to find new transitional moves and sexy floorwork that I can use at my job. For others, it may be finally getting that Ayesha we’ve been working on for years and years. It may be something different entirely for you. Knowing and setting a goal for the weekend is always helpful!

Focus on flexibility

Focus on flexibility and stretching during the whole weekend! There are many free workshops to take advantage of as well that may focus on backbends, splits, yoga and more. Don’t forget that improving your flexibility and stretching abilities is just as, if not more so, important than your stellar pole work. I love that PoleCon offers these free workshops and seminars.

Take it easy

Finally, don’t overextend yourself! You don’t want to be so sore from taking too many workshops that you can’t enjoy the weekend and all the excitement it has to offer! Plus, you won’t to miss out on your friends performances, the great shopping and exploring the city of Denver! If you’re still a little unsure of what to sign up for, ask your friends what they’re taking if they’re on similar levels or you want to just take a workshop that sounds like it’ll be fun for you all to enjoy together.

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