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Image of vendor booth with text: PoleCon Hub Page: Black Voices

PoleCon Hub Page: Black Voices

PoleCon Hub Pages organize PoleCon blogs written by different voices within our community into themes to make it easier to find what you need. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contribute to the blog. Email us for more information on…

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Image of dancer with booty facing the camera and text "Count every vote, every damn one, get your Booty to the Poll"

Get Your Booty To The Pole

Get Your Booty To The Poll is a shining example of the seismic impact that can be made by motivated people working together. Crowdsourced with small donations and safely shot during a pandemic, this PSA was a daring way to…

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Photo of Gemma Lux doing floor work on stage

Interview with Gemma Lux!

We sat down to talk with Gemma Lux! She'll be teaching and performing at PoleCon AND will be conducting Cleo the Hurricane's new certification held in the days before #polecon2018 officially kicks off. Tell us more about Cleo's new classes?…

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Kapi Huria wearing a mask and posing in a flexi-position against a pole.

An Interview with Kapi Huria

PoleCon workshop leader and performer and Pole-in-Pants sensation—we sat down to talk with Kapi Huria, our first New Zealander to come to PoleCon! Mica (M): How did your pole journey start? Kapi (K): My pole journey started in 2011 when…

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