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The Necessity of Being Flexy

Flexibility plays a large part in living your best life, and an even larger part in living your best pole life. It improves range of motion, reduces risk of injury, improves posture, and makes your pole tricks look bomb. The…

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7 Deadly Sins of Pole Class

There are plenty of pet peeves that people have when it comes to pole class. While there are a number of small, annoying habits, some are disrespectful and/or dangerous. If you avoid these 7 deadly sins of pole class you’ll…

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Pole Theatre Recap 2018

Pole Theatre USA is now in HOT-lanta, Georgia and part of the Vertical Joe’s ever-expanding empire of events expertly led by Torwa Joe and all her buds from VJs. Pole Theatre was founded by pole star, Aussie sisters Michelle Shimmy…

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