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Diagonal image of a pole dancer with text: P-Valley 7/12 Starz

Pole Dancing In P-Valley

P-Valley is the sensational new series created by Katori Hall that is shattering viewership records on Starz since premiering on July 12th, 2020. It is an adaptation of her play, Pussy Valley and portrays people working at a strip club…

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MC on the stage with a small person wearing a PoleCon hat.

Gratitude and Appreciation

Acts of Appreciation Keep You in a State of Gratitude Self-help gurus are often extolling the direct, tangible benefits gratitude can have on us personally, on our families and even on our careers. Even something simple like regularly keeping a…

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US Map with text: PoleCon a community across the United States of America. California, Virginia, Maryland, DC, Florida, Texas are highlighted darkest.

PoleCon: A Global Community

Recently, I was asked where PoleCon attendees come from and I wasn't sure how to answer that question. So we looked at our data -- from purchased tickets only 2015-2019 events (does not include workshop leaders or exhibitors) -- and…

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Jax Spenser leans back during floor work in a performance wearing a half-mask

Interview with Jax Spencer

We sat down to talk with Jax Spencer! She’ll be teaching a paid workshop for the first time at #polecon2021 ! What do you love about being a pole instructor? The students. The community. The love. Oh, and the heels.…

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