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Femme presenting individual eats fruit out of a bowl.

Healthy Eating for Pole Dancers

The days that pole dancing is believed to be just for young women with modelesque physiques are, thankfully, long gone. Today, men and women of all shapes and sizes (and ages) are embarking on fulfilling pole-dancing journeys that provide them with…

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Picture of a banana


Be the boss of your body and take control of how you feel, naturally with foods and over-the-counter supplements. I have researched everything first-hand, eat these foods and use these products daily now for consistently higher energy levels. They have been game changing for me. I hope they will be for…

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Image of dancers on stage with text: PoleCon Hub Page: Improve Inclusivity

PoleCon Hub Page: Improving Inclusivity

PoleCon Hub Page: Improving Inclusivity PoleCon Hub Pages organize PoleCon blogs written by different voices within our community into themes to make it easier to find what you need. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contribute to the blog. Email…

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