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MC on the stage with a small person wearing a PoleCon hat.

Gratitude and Appreciation

Acts of Appreciation Keep You in a State of Gratitude Self-help gurus are often extolling the direct, tangible benefits gratitude can have on us personally, on our families and even on our careers. Even something simple like regularly keeping a…

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Pole dancer executes a modified Ayesha on stage

Dancer’s Block

Many pole dancers who regularly choreograph routines or combos for Instagram, classes, showcases, and/or competitions know all too well the struggle of dancer’s block. Much like writers block, dancer’s block involved a stall or complete stop in the creative process…

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Pole dancer demonstrates a Jade Split.


I hope you have been doing you stretches because it is time to take these splits to the pole! Now, the perfect jade split isn’t going to happen in an instant. My biggest advice, besides consistent stretching, is to do…

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Pole dance leans against her back foot while doing the front splits on the floor.


So, you’ve oohd and ahhd over the jade split queens of the pole community and now you are wondering, “how can I make my jade look like that?!” I have good news for you and that is that you are…

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Pole dancer performs on stage at PoleCon.

From Couch to PoleCon

Growing up in the ‘90s was, to put it lightly, a little counterproductive when it came to healthy living and fitness. We’re talking about a time where pre-packaged, over-processed foods were in their prime and marketed as “healthy” options, the…

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Text: The Pole Dancer's Bill of Rights.

The Pole Dancer’s Bill of Rights

As pole dancers, we demand certain inalienable rights in the pursuit of our sport/dance/passion/hobby/career. The right to a positive experience. All pole dancers (studio owners, teachers, students, competitors, etc.) have the right to a positive and healthy experience in pursuit…

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