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Why Attend Virtual PoleCon 2021?

Why Attend Virtual PoleCon 2021?

Last year we created our first ever Virtual PoleCon when the pandemic impacted our ability to run PoleCon live. Even though this year we did run a live PoleCon in NOLA in August, not everyone could come first due to pandemic concerns (health and financial to name a few) and then later the hurricane impacted our ability to run a full schedule of events.

Virtual PoleCon follows a similar format as live PoleCon with a vendor area, a track of all-day movement workshops, a track of all-day seminars (non-movement), and a track of all-day panel discussions topped off with a celebration showcase of the diversity of pole dancers.

Here are a few reasons why you should attend the event.

Continuing education is important!

As our industry continues growing and changing, it is important to keep up on trends and new information that can help us operate our businesses better, how to keep our skills sharp and to network and learn from other people. The adage of “you don’t know what you don’t know” is very applicable here.

A big focus this through several sessions this year is on injury prevention. As more medical professionals learn about pole, they can help us progress safely and educate us on how to keep our students safe too.

Panel discussions center around inclusion

Every year the panel discussions represent an opportunity to learn more about the challenges people in our industry face. Supporting each other and learning from others that are different from you is an important step to improving inclusion throughout studios and within our greater industry. Panels focus on important conversations like race, sex work, plus sized polers, queer polers, and on business too. Sit in and learn or join the conversation!

Celebrating the diversity of bodies and styles in pole

While learning and sharing are critical ways that we improve our industry, it is also important to take some time out to celebrate what we’re all here for – pole dancing! See people representing different parts of the industry from both a body perspective and a stylistic perspective during the final showcase which tops off the day.

Check out the entire schedule of events here.

One low-priced ($45) ticket gets you into the entire event on October 16, 2021 from 9am-9pm Eastern US time. Enter and leave as many times as you want, take a break from sessions to visit the vendors or grab a virtual table and meet a friend in the video conference lounge!

See you there!


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