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Individual looks at themselves in the mirror while holding a pole in a home setting.

Poling and Body Image

Before taking pole classes my body image and positivity were very much based on looks and weight alone. Do I look thin enough? Am I curvy enough? Do I weigh too much? With these thoughts in mind, I was very…

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Photo collage of dancers and performers smiling for the camera

Pole Is For EVERY Body

We come from all corners of the globe. Pole dancers represent all backgrounds, races, creeds, ages, philosophies, abilities and sexual identities. We perform different styles of dance as diverse as music itself. Yet we are all a family! Each and…

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Pole dancer executes a reverse handstand on the pole with legs in stag.

Pole Dance as an Escape from Reality

Life is undoubtedly cool! We have many plans, many happy moments, creative ideas for the future. But the negative side of this life will exist anyway no matter how hard we try. There will always be duties, problems, not ideal…

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Doubles pole dancers pose in a large empty theater

Instagram is Shadow Banning the Pole Community

Instagram is making pole dancers worldwide furious because their profiles have been shadow banned in what we consider a generalized blanket of unfair censorship of the pole community. Shadow-banning is when social media won't recognize your hashtags or limits the…

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Pole dancer executes a inverted move against a white backdrop

Why choose to Pole Dance?

Millions of people are getting obsessed with this interesting and unusual kind of sport—pole dance. Why the pole is so charming and attractive? Here are some reasons why we pole dance in Russia: You open new opportunities of your body.…

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Pole dancer doing a shoulder mount while musician plays the guitar on stage

Is pole dancing a sport or an art form?

Serious question Ladies and Gentleman. Why do we still have naysayers and various people still debating whether or not pole fitness is an actual sport?? According to google’s trusty dictionary, the definition of a sport is an activity involving physical…

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Pole dancer executes advanced inverted tricks wearing a full body suit.

Help! My Flow is Broken!

Most blogs are written about something that the writer knows, or has experienced, that he/she attempts to explain or advise upon. In most blogs, the writer is super knowledgeable about the topic and the reader comes out feeling informed. This…

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