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Black and white image of a pole dancer leaning back out of a sit and smiling at the audience.

Combating Anxiety with Dance

"I have always been somewhat of a high-strung person.  I get bored very easily and therefore need lots of things happening in my life to keep me from getting anxious.  I am a Gemini, and can move very easily and…

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Image of a cabin in the woods

Why I Contort

I recently completed a two year international tour with the spiegeltent show Limbo, performing 370 shows for over 100,000 people. Exiting the tent with Clover the Beagle in tow—tired, elated and wafting of Ben Gay/Deep Heat—there are two questions I’m…

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Michula Nunez swinging around a pole in half-bracket grip.

An Interview with Michula Nunez

PoleCon workshop leader, studio owner, sexy pole beast—we sat down to talk with the extraordinary dancer, Michula Nunez from California.   Mica: How did your pole journey start? How old were you? How many times a week do you exercise?…

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