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PoleCon 2020 Update: Coronavirus

We are living in a very strange time. I’ve always been very honest and upfront with the PoleCon community and here are the details of where we are today. Early into the coronavirus/COVID-19 situation, when the Arnold was just canceled,…

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Super Pole at the Super Bowl Part 2

Whoa .… JLO’s pole performance at the Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show was so extra we needed a second article acknowledging all the effort, training and teamwork required to “Get Right” in time for gameday. Last time, we spoke to…

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Pole at the Superbowl

In case you somehow missed Shakira and J.Lo’s super lit halftime show, Shakira worked it out and J.Lo graced us once again with some pole tricks. She even hired several pole dancers (interview with them coming soon to the PoleCon…

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Pole Dancing In The Dogg House

Recently, the University of Kansas issued an apology to anyone who may have been offended by Snoop Dogg’s performance Oct. 4 at “Late Night in the Phog” to close out the celebration for its college preseason. The athletic director for…

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Are you a new poler?

Dear New and Potential Pole Students: I’ve been asked recently what advice I would give a new pole student or someone considering class and here’s what I’ve compiled: 1. Just fucking do it! You are *NOT* too fat, too weak,…

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How to Eat for Pole Dancing

Ahh FOOD! If you think about it in many ways most of our daily activities revolve around it in some way or another. Whether we’re meal prepping, planning a dinner, meeting friends for a snack, or going to the movies…

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