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PoleCon 2020 Updated Transfer and Refund Policy

Right now, to keep the event going, I need most people who have already purchased passes/workshops to either come to the new event if possible or find someone to transfer their passes/workshops to who can come to the event under the new dates. You can also transfer the pass to yourself for our 2021 event. I do not have dates or location for that event at this time.

We cannot offer blanket refunds as per our standard business practices/requirements we have made significant deposits on the 2020 event. This has been the standard practice because hotels require it for large events. Additionally, PoleCon costs money to exist outside of the live event such as the email marketing tool, web hosting, the scheduling software, etc. A full break down of all costs is at this blog.  lease note, I do not take any salary or payment for my time from PoleCon.

If I refunded everyone, I would have to cancel the event and if I had to cancel the event, my insurance would not cover the cancellation (see this blog) and then I would additionally owe the hotel for the cancellation charge. This would not only bankrupt PoleCon but it would bankrupt me personally. PoleCon would never come back.

While some people don’t care about that, some people do care. And I appreciate that very much.

To help make transfers easier for everyone, especially if you don’t know of anyone personally who can buy your pass/workshop from you, we have done these steps:

  1. There is an official thread for buying/selling passes/workshops in the Facebook Event where you can post: https://www.facebook.com/events/463860347773749/ 
  2. On our website, where people can buy tickets is a note telling them to contact us directly to purchase transfer tickets rather than buying a new pass/workshop, I will help facilitate those private sales. I have also redirected the “Buy Now” button to email me directly. If you would like to be put on this list of having an available pass or workshop, please let me know which workshop(s) you have and how much you would like to sell your pass and/or workshop(s) for. I recommend selling for the amount you paid for them.
  3. These new options will be posted on social media and in our next newsletter to encourage people to buy passes/workshops from each other rather than the website directly.

If you cannot find someone to transfer your pass and/or workshops to by May 15th and do not want to transfer the pass and/or workshops to yourself for the 2021 event, you will be refunded.

I am not heartless and I understand how many people are impacted by this global crisis. To keep PoleCon the community service that it is, I need everyone’s help.

Thank you for supporting PoleCon.


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