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Paying attention to our breath

What if I told you that you were breathing “wrong?” You would probably be pretty annoyed, huh? “I’m still alive!” You might exclaim.” How can I be breathing ‘wrong?!’“ You might even in throw some expletives in there for good…

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PoleCon 2021: Recap

Thank you so much for coming to PoleCon 2021 in New Orleans! This is my sixth, live PoleCon as CEO/owner, the tenth overall live event (eleventh total) since its founding, and it was definitely one for the history books! We…

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What is interoception?

Interoception is understanding what our body feels like on the inside. The goal to developing a good sense of interoception from a movement perspective is to identify and categorize sensations in our body accurately so we can learn to understand…

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